• ep.007 – Near A Man-Made River

    Riz and Liley are BACK BABY! After the worst hacking you could ever imagine the gruesome twin-some are making podcast history with a brand spanking new show. Today, Riz and Liley do the Mario Kondo and Kris Turner returns for another Liley makeover.

  • ep.006 – Whoopi Goldberg’s Lawn Cafe

    Riz and Liley are BACK BABY! And, they’re better than ever. After the worst hacking imaginable they have recovered and are starting fresh with a brand new show. Today, they discuss The Nook and they sing most of “What Dreams Are Made Of” by Hillary Duff from the Lizzy McGuire Movie.

  • ep.005 – McDonald’s Brunch

    Riz and Liley are BACK BABY! That’s right! After the misfortune of being hacked again they have a brand new show for their very loyal 200 million viewers. Today, Riz goes in depth about her epic Zooey Deschanel rivalry, and Liley reminds us that their mom dated both Jon and Vinny of Jon & Vinny’s.

  • ep.004 – From Atop A Rosebush

    Riz and Liley are BACK BABY! If you were one of the 200 million viewers we apologize for a brutal hacking, but you’re in luck. They have a brand new podcast; piping hot and waiting for you! Today, Riz and Liley perfect their STOMP routine, and SPOILER ALERT…there might be a spelling contest.

  • ep.003 – Pasadena Highway Cafe

    Riz and Liley are BACK! This is their debut episode since their podcast got hacked. This episode is jam packed with content. This is literally the only podcast on the web that has ever talked about National Scribble Day. Riz and Liley check their Etsy page, and as always they try to get representation. Interested?

  • ep.002 – Live From Chattanooga

    Coming to you live from the great Chattanooga, Riz and Liley are determined to get back the 200 viewers they lost to a brutal hacking. They talk about the last time they kissed two people in the same night. They call their best friend from London, Martha Fearnley. And, of course they try to get representation live on-air.

  • ep.001 – Construction Site Luncheon

    This is the first episode of Riz and Liley’s brand new podcast after being brutally hacked. Live from their favorite new cafe, located in the middle of a construction site. No name. No bathroom. Riz explains the plot to Velvet Buzzsaw, and Liley gets a makeover! @lizreichelt @RileyWestling